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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Oct 28, 2017

Katras, Memories, and Forgetfulness.

We knew that Sarek played an instrumental role in raising young Michael Burnham, but the extent to which she was part of Spock’s family remained cloudy—until “Lethe.” The sixth episode of Star Trek: Discovery—with its title aptly related to the past and memory—took the concepts of the katra and the mind meld to places never visited before.

In this episode of Notes from The Edge, in which we deep-dive into connections between Star Trek: Discovery and the broader Star Trek universe, host C Bryan Jones shares his thoughts on “Lethe”—particularly how it plays into the Ash Voqler Theory—and explores katras throughout the 51 years of filmed, written, and drawn Star Trek.

Intro (00:00:00)
Thoughts: Meaning of the Title (00:02:15)
Thoughts: The Ash Voqler Theory Revisited (00:04:49)
Notes: USS Buran (00:22:39)
Notes: Grazer (00:23:30)
Notes: Yridia (00:24:47)
Notes: The Holodeck (00:26:56)
Notes: Vulcan Extremists (00:28:33)
Notes: The Katra (00:31:33)
Closing (00:41:25)

C Bryan Jones

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