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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Mar 5, 2018


The first season of Star Trek: Discovery is in the books. Was the finale what you thought it would be? For many, the closing chapter fell flat. For others, it was wonderful. Like the series itself, “Will You Take My Hand?” has divided fandom. Even an appearance by the most famous starship in television history has left viewers with mixed emotions. And that moment, together with the title, is almost a question from the writers to the audience. Now that you’ve seen what we’re doing, as we head into season two, will you take our hand?

In this episode of Notes from The Edge, in which we deep-dive into connections between Star Trek: Discovery and the broader Star Trek universe, host C Bryan Jones shares his thoughts on the finale and why all the emotions swirling around the conclusion to this 15-part story stem from expectations. We also explore Betazed, Ceti eels, darseks, and Kahless’s rival, Molor.

Intro (00:00:00)
Notes 14 Revisited (00:03:06)
Expectations (00:04:27)
Georgiou (00:10:30)
Tyler and Burnham (00:15:44)
The Resolution of the War (00:17:20)
The Enterprise (00:19:45)
Betazed (00:24:43)
Ceti Eels (00:26:40)
Darseks (00:27:50)
Molor (00:30:05)
Closing (00:44:17)

C Bryan Jones

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