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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Jan 21, 2018

The Terran Empire.

With Discovery well into its mission to retrieve classified information about the Constitution-class Defiant, our characters grapple with internal conflicts. Whether it’s Ash Tyler’s struggle with a surfacing Voq, Burnham’s struggle to maintain the facade when ordered to kill, or Tilly’s struggle to save Stamets, the Mirror Universe wrappings unexpectedly give way to a real character story in “The Wolf Inside.”

In this episode of Notes from The Edge, in which we deep-dive into connections between Star Trek: Discovery and the broader Star Trek universe, host C Bryan Jones shares his thoughts on key characters developments and the amazing acting range of Shazad Latif, and delves into the conflicting origin stories of the Terran Empire found on screen and in the literature, and how history has not always flowed consistently in this area of the Star Trek universe.

Intro (00:00:00)
Thoughts: Andorians and Tellarites (00:03:53)
Thoughts: Ash Voqler (00:05:32)
Thoughts: Tyler and Burnham (00:12:57)
Thoughts: Mirror Lorca? (00:15:36)
Thoughts: Empress Georgiou (00:18:55)
Notes: The Terran Empire (00:21:009)
Closing (00:30:54)

C Bryan Jones

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