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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Jul 27, 2019

From Kirk to Archer, captains have always been the focus of Star Trek. But this is not true of Discovery. Captains have the responsibility to set the tone and efficiency of the ship so that the crew can complete its mission successfully. Because Michael Burnham is not a captain, these tasks happen on the edges of the story rather than at the center. Each captain we’ve seen during the first two seasons has had different interpersonal skills and their own approach to diplomacy and strategic planning. This makes comparing them am interesting task.

In this episode of The Edge, hosts Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin discuss nine leadership styles and explore how each captain seen on Star Trek: Discovery fits, paring them with a style of command. From the Philippa Georgiou to Gabriel Lorca to Christopher Pike, we reflect on memorable moments and discuss their lasting impact on Star Trek history.

Intro (00:00:00)
Initial Thoughts (00:06:22)
What Kind of Leader Are You? (00:11:29)
Georgiou (00:14:30)
Mirror Georgiou (00:22:43)
Lorca (00:26:56)
Pike (00:36:20)
Leland (00:43:48)
Saru (00:50:20)
Final Thoughts (00:58:28)
Closing (01:01:12)

Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin

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