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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Apr 6, 2018

Season One Wrap-up.

After twelve long years of waiting, fans should be thrilled to have new Star Trek on television, right? The first season of Star Trek: Discovery is a wrap, and, after a month to breathe and process the final six episodes, we reflect on how the season ended. Did it meet our expectations? What are our overall impressions?

In this episode of The Edge, hosts Brandon-Shea Mutala and Amy Nelson are joined by Patrick Devlin of Warp Five to discuss the back half of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season. We talk about writing, Tilly, mirror characters, and the recently revealed deleted scene.

Intro (00:00:00)
News: Section 31 Episode Count for Season Two (00:02:22)
Initial Thoughts on Season One, Part Two (00:15:51)
Despite Yourself (00:23:50)
The Wolf Inside (00:32:45)
Vaulting Ambition (00:41:48)
What’s Past Is Prologue (00:48:12)
The War Without, The War Within (01:02:01)
Final Thoughts (01:07:01)
Closing (01:11:05)

Brandon-Shea Mutala and Amy Nelson

Patrick Devlin

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