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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Mar 5, 2018


The first season of Star Trek: Discovery is in the books. Was the finale what you thought it would be? For many, the closing chapter fell flat. For others, it was wonderful. Like the series itself, “Will You Take My Hand?” has divided fandom. Even an appearance by the most famous starship in television...

Feb 11, 2018

Starbases and the USS Saratoga.

As Discovery’s first season winds down and the war against the Klingons reaches its climax, Admiral Cornwell is all about the numbers. There’s a twenty here, a twelve there, a nineteen and a one. What does it all mean, and have these numerical locales played a role in past Star...

Feb 4, 2018

Terran Emperors.

Our month-long jaunt to the Mirror Universe is over, and Discovery closed out its trip to the dark side with an exciting and epic installment that delivered a few unexpected twists and raised some big questions.

In this episode of Notes from The Edge, in which we deep-dive into connections between Star...

Jan 28, 2018

Vaulting Ambition.

Discovery’s trip to the Mirror Universe continues in a story that remains character-focused and finally reveals a well-done twist. In this episode of Notes from The Edge, in which we deep-dive into connections between Star Trek: Discovery and the broader Star Trek universe, host C Bryan Jones shares...

Jan 21, 2018

The Terran Empire.

With Discovery well into its mission to retrieve classified information about the Constitution-class Defiant, our characters grapple with internal conflicts. Whether it’s Ash Tyler’s struggle with a surfacing Voq, Burnham’s struggle to maintain the facade when ordered to kill, or Tilly’s...