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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Mar 23, 2018

Season Two Captains.

In Star Trek: Discovery’s first season, two captains were portrayed: Gabriel Lorca and Philippa Georgiou. In the finale, the Discovery crew are en route to Vulcan to pick up their new captain when they stops to answer a distress call, leaving fans with many questions. Who will be the new captain?...

Mar 9, 2018


Star Trek: Discovery has brought us new characters, ships, and stories, yet remained authentic to Star Trek’s ideals and philosophy. Amazing and universal themes that cross boundaries and cultures are found in its stories, and viewers continue to identify with each character on different levels, adding to the...

Dec 22, 2017

Historical Connections.

A notable aspect of Star Trek is how it connects to history, philosophy, and literature. The use of these elements provides the viewer with a familiar context in which the writers can explore new ideas.

In this episode of The Edge, host Mike Schindler is joined by Duncan Barrett of Primitive...

Dec 15, 2017

More Themes in Discovery.

Star Trek has been a beacon of progress for more than 50 years, but on Discovery’s crew we find more diversity and representation than in any past series. In this episode of The Edge, host Amy Nelson is joined with Brandi Jackola and Heather Barker to discuss more themes found in Star Trek:...

Dec 1, 2017

Themes in Discovery.

Spock is one of the most recognizable characters in Star Trek and represents the clash between logic and emotion. In Discovery, Michael Burnham carries forward this theme that has been part of the franchise from the start as she struggles to balance the need for both emotion and logic in her life....