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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Apr 11, 2019

Through the Valley of Shadows.

Many fans already knew Captain Christopher Pike from the unaired pilot episode of The Original Series, “The Cage,” and the season-one two-parter “The Menagerie,” which resurrected some of that unused footage. In his first appearance, Pike is a spry captain leading his crew on a...

Apr 3, 2019

Perpetual Infinity.

Finally, Dr. Gabrielle Burnham and her time suit have been captured. However, a larger question remains. Despite being the Red Angel, Dr. Burnham is unaware of the seven signals. Now the crew of the USS Discovery must decide what to do about them. To complicate matters, Captain Leland has been taken...

Mar 28, 2019

The Red Angel.

Following the death of a Commander Airiam, the crew of the USS Discovery is left searching for answers. But the reveal of the Red Angel’s identity—and Section 31’s role in the mystery—only raises more questions. Meanwhile, two characters who have suffered a loss—Michael Burnham and Hugh...

Mar 19, 2019

Project Daedalus.

As the USS Discovery attempts to infiltrate the defenses protecting Section 31’s home base, home to the group’s threat assessment system known as Control, Commander Airiam endandgers the search for the Red Angel as she struggle to maintain her own identify after being compromised by a program from...

Mar 12, 2019

If Memory Serves.

Our past defines our future. But how do we live with choices that negatively affect our relationships with others? In “If Memory Serves,” we learn finally learn what created the rift between Michael Burnham and her brother Spock. While Burnham was merely trying to protect him and their family, her...