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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Oct 18, 2020

That Hope Is You, Part 1.

When we last saw the crew of the USS Discovery, they were on their way to the 32nd century. It’s taken longer than expected to make it through that wormhole, thanks to a little 21st -century problem of our own, but the third season of Star Trek: Discovery has finally arrived. And with it have come some answers as well as a slew of new questions. We now know what the Burn is—at least the basics—and have gotten our first glimpse of a diminished United Federation of Planets.

In this episode of The Edge, host C Bryan Jones shares thoughts on Michael Burnham’s arrival in the year 3188, speculates on the deeper implications of the Burn, revels in the beauty of Iceland and the incredible cinematography, and looks at some of the social commentary found in “That Hope Is You, Part1.” We also open flip through the pages of our notebook to explore the franchise-spanning use of propulsion technologies and the possible temporal connections between Discovery and Enterprise.

C Bryan Jones

C Bryan Jones (Editor and Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) James Muldrow (Associate Producer) Cornelia Reutner (Associate Producer)