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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Nov 24, 2018

Laz Marquez Interview.

Fans of a particular television series or universe love to show their appreciation for what the creators and actors have given them—and Star Trek is no exception. Some fans, such as Laz Marquez, even want to give back. In the case of Marquez, this takes the form or art.

In this episode of The Edge, hosts Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin are joined by Marquez to discuss his poster art for each episode of Star Trek: Discovery. We discuss his motivation and what drove him to give back—not only for himself but also for his mother—and why self-imposed deadlines are an important part of his workflow.

Intro (00:01:11)
Discovery Inspiration (00:11:10)
Describing the Art (00:17:14)
Reaching Out to TrekFM (00:41:25)
US of Horror (00:42:55)
Current Projects (00:47:15)
Art Displayed (00:52:01)
Dream Project (00:53:28)
Get the Art (00:55:04)
Closing (00:58:49)

Learn more about Marquez:

Amy Nelson and Patrick Devlin

Laz Marquez

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