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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

May 4, 2018

Ash Tyler.

Star Trek is often a reflection of our own society, and Tyler/Voq is a good study of how people with mental disorders are seen. Should they be held liable for crimes committed when they aren’t “themselves”? Through Tyler/Voq, the Star Trek: Discovery writers show how someone with two personalities must deal with different sets of memories, intentions, and actions depending on which personality is dominate at the time.

In this episode of The Edge, hosts Amy Nelson and Brandon-Shea Mutala are joined by guests Patrick Devlin of Warp Five and former Earl Grey host Lee Hutchison to discuss Ash Tyler/Voq, who the real person is inside the body, and who is responsible for actions taken. We also consider mental disorders, how they affect people, and how we believe they affected Tyler/Voq.

Intro (00:1:04)
News (00:02:44)
Initial Thoughts (00:05:07)
Voq … or Tyler … Is Set Free (00:16:51)
Gender Identity (00:27:04)
Take a Chance (00:34:55)
Answer for His Crimes (00:38:33)
Tyler–Burnham Relationship (01:02:16)
Is Voq Tyler? (01:15:40)
Final Thoughts (01:20:11)
Special Announcement (01:27:16)
Closing (01:32:17)

Amy Nelson and Brandon-Shea Mutala

Patrick Devlin and Lee Hutchison

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