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The Edge: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Aug 24, 2018


Caught between two worlds—one of nature and one of nurture—Michael Burnham is an orphaned human who was raised on Vulcan after being adopted by Spock’s parents Sarek and Amanda. When she chooses to join Starfleet, she finds that, despite being human, her Vulcan upbringing has made connecting with those of...

Aug 10, 2018


When we first met Discovery’s fiery cadet, Sylvia Tilly, she was a bright-eyed but socially awkward character serving in engineering. But she quickly befriends Michael Burnham and the two develop a mutually beneficial relationship, one that nurtures her goal of becoming a captain. At the end of the first...

Aug 1, 2018

Fan Response to the Season-Two Trailer.

The Star Trek: Discovery season-two preview is here! After watching the trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con, fans had much to talk about. In this episode of Postcards from The Edge, host Amy Nelson is joined by Rob Chapman to discuss all the feedback we’ve received from...